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Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
Asphalt batch mix plants are well known for their high productivity, low production cost and ergonomic design. Offered plants have all the necessary amenities needed to mix aggregate in a uniform manner.
Asphalt Hot Mix Plant
The Asphalt Hot Mix Plant also called asphalt mixing plants or hot mix plants, are equipment that can combine aggregates and bitumen to produce asphalt mix for road paving. It is designed in various specifications. 

Bitumen Tank
Bitumen Tank is designed for storing liquid asphalt cement (Bitumen) and PMA (Polymer Modified Asphalt). They are used mainly at hot mix asphalt plants. Asphalt, also known as bitumen, is a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum.

Hot Mix Plant
The Hot Mix Plant, crafted from durable Mild Steel, embodies strength in road construction. Its Automatic Grade ensures efficient operation, powered by a 440 Volt (v) Electric Drive. Adorned in a distinctive Yellow hue, it stands out on worksites. Offering various types, such as Batch, Drum Mix, and Continuous, it caters to diverse construction needs, epitomizing versatility and reliability in asphalt mixing.
Road Roller
The Road Roller is most commonly used for building roads or to produce compact foundations for vast areas, but they may also be utilized in a variety of other applications, such as landfills. It is made in various types. 

Industrial Dryer

The type of industrial dryer offered by our company is a rotary drum dryer. This dryer is used for removing moisture from minerals, chemicals, agricultural waste, and many other products. The heated drum is horizontally aligned and rotates to uniformly dry the material.

Pollution Control Equipment

In order to reduce pollutant emissions, industries often use pollution control equipment in order to reduce their carbon footprints. The equipment can be easily installed in industries indulged in processing chemicals, manufacturing, generating power, managing waste, etc.

Wet Mix
A wet mix is a complete mix that usually needs to be stored in concrete trucks and added directly to the site. In a wet-mix application, all materials including cement, aggregate, ad-mixture and water are mixed together. 

Static Road Roller
The Orange-hued Static Road Roller is a stalwart in construction. Manual Automatic Grade ensures hands-on control, while robust Mild Steel construction guarantees durability. With a potent 50 Horsepower (HP) engine, it delivers steadfast compaction. Backed by a 12 Months Warranty, it symbolizes reliability, longevity, and performance in crafting resilient road surfaces.
Bitumen Sprayer
The Bitumen Sprayer, with an Automatic Grade, employs a powerful 6 Horsepower (HP) engine and durable Mild Steel (MS) construction. Vital in road construction, it uniformly applies bitumen, enhancing road sealing, waterproofing, and asphalt coating. Advantages include precision, time efficiency, and versatility. Adjustable spray nozzles and durability make it a cornerstone for streamlined, efficient road construction.
Bin Feeder
The Bin Feeder, in a vibrant Yellow hue and New condition, is pivotal in road construction. It efficiently segregates materials, enhancing road base creation. With robust construction, it ensures durability, while streamlined functions minimize wastage. Its advantages lie in operational efficiency and contributing to the foundation of high-quality road infrastructure.
Drum Decanter
The Bitumen Drum Decanter, designed for Road Construction Work, is a robust apparatus made of Mild Steel. Operating at 220 Volt (v), it's Automatic for efficiency. This essential equipment facilitates the controlled melting of bitumen drums, ensuring seamless integration into road construction processes with reliability and ease.
Storage Tank
The Stainless Steel Bitumen Storage Tank, measuring 10x4 feet (L*W), is designed for efficient Bitumen Storage. In a new condition, it ensures durability. Its features include corrosion resistance, reliability, and optimal insulation. This tank's benefits lie in safeguarding bitumen integrity, ensuring a steady supply, and contributing to the longevity of road construction projects.
Drum Dryer
The Industrial Drum Dryer, constructed from sturdy Mild Steel, is a versatile drying solution. With applications in various industries, it ensures efficient and uniform drying. The robust build guarantees durability and reliability. Its advantages include adaptability to diverse materials, contributing to streamlined industrial processes, making it an essential component for effective and resilient drying operations.
Asphalt Plant
The Asphalt Plant, built with robust Stainless Steel, operates automatically for efficiency in road construction. Its Electric Drive Type, powered at 440 Volt (v), ensures reliable performance. The plant's distinctive yellow color signifies visibility and stands as a symbol of durability and efficiency in the asphalt production process.
There are various types of control panel offered by us that is a combination of electrical devices which use electrical power to control the various mechanical functions of industrial equipment or machinery.